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The special composition of these oils is unique among commercial vegetable and animal oils currently marketed. The supreme softness, smoothness and moisture-retaining properties imparted to skin are directly due to the special ratio of glycerides contained in Mink Oil. No other commercial oil has this ratio!

Mink Oil, increasingly through the years, enjoys ever expanding usage. The oil’s ability to counteract dry, scaly, rough, reddened skin has now been experienced by top formulators everywhere. These professionals also appreciate the ease with which the oil can be incorporated in their products, and the outstanding results on skin and hair that they are able to achieve.

The consideration and use of Mink Oil for your products will introduce a new dimension to your search for the perfect, totally natural emollient. Some marketers go so far as to offer pure Mink Oil to capture the full effect of the oil’s super emolliency—without dilution by other materials. Application of Mink Oil results in dramatic relief of skin dryness. The oil is rapidly absorbed and does not produce sensations of “oiliness,” “greasiness” or discomfort. It lubricates the skin and helps to reduce moisture loss, thus enabling the skin to re-moisturize itself, trapping moisture from the lower cell layers.


CLINICALLY TESTED Tests by a clinical testing laboratory indicate that mink oil can penetrate human skin to a depth of fifteen layers. A gradient is established whereby the outermost layers have higher concentrations than successive lower layers. The technique of Atenuated Total Reflectance— lnfra Red Spectroscopy (ATR-IR) was used for this study. The main body of the oil remains near the surface, which explains its high emolliency and skin barrier moisturizing effects. This property also accounts for the persistent, long-lasting softening and smoothing of the skin surface.



An unusual application for Mink Oil was published in Diabetes Care Vol. 8 No. 5 Sept./Oct. 1985. Richard K. Bernstein M.D. reported great success with Mink Oil in treating diabetic feet. Cracked skin in Type I and Type II diabetes is often developed. Dr. Bernstein prescribes Mink Oil, applied twice daily. “We find it more efficacious and more acceptable to patients than lanolin it is liquid at room temperature, and therefore requires less rubbing for absorption.


SPECIAL USES Because of its high palmitoleic acid content and other characteristics, Mink Oil is often considered as a replacement for the no longer available sperm oil, formerly obtained from the sperm whale. Synthetic replacements abound, but none with palmitoleic acid. Mink Oil is currently used by one major personal care marketer as an important ingredient in its hair holding spray. Originally incorporated to help plasticize the resin, this marketer found that the oil actually improved holding power, in addition to contributing softer feel and more sheen.


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EMULAN Oil of Mink processing is carried out with utmost care. Rigid, high standards are maintained at every stage of production. All this is necessary to retain the fine efficacy values found in the original material. This whole oil of mink is then refined, deodorized and filtered to produce the various special grades of EMULAN Oils of Mink. Each has specifications to accommodate a wide range of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and specialty uses.

EMULAN Oils of Mink are fine and exacting products, the result of almost 30 years of research and quality control. Practically odorless, these fractions of pure, natural mink oil are marketed world wide. Each provides discernible efficacy values long desired by the cosmetic industry in fine formulations of skin and hair care products.


READY AND DEPENDABLE AVAILABILITY The Emulan Corp. specializes only in the processing and distribution of Mink Oil, offering a continuous supply to cosmetic manufacturers and others for more than 47 years.




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